Caterpillar Wheels

When it comes time to replace the wheels or rims on your Caterpillar equipment, why not choose high-quality used wheels that are not going to break the bank? At Portland Tractor, we have a full selection of Caterpillar wheels for most CAT equipment models. Not only do you get great value for our heavy equipment wheels, but we also pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line quality. Just search our online catalogue today to find the Caterpillar wheels for your machine.


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Heavy Equipment Wheels in Stock and Ready to Be Shipped

As one of the leading suppliers of rebuilt, used and OEM Surplus heavy equipment parts, Portland Tractor is fully stocked with Caterpillar wheels for all types of equipment and models. With over 600 wheels and rims in inventory, we can get replacement heavy equipment wheels shipped out to you in no time! From wheel loaders and backhoes to graders and haul trucks, we have an extensive inventory of used Caterpillar wheels.

As far as operating heavy equipment goes, wheels are a pretty important part! So, when you’re in the market for a replacement wheel for your equipment (or a whole new set!), you probably want it shipped as quickly as possible. And with our large inventory of Caterpillar wheels, we are the perfect solution! We can have your replacement equipment wheels shipped out to you quickly because we have them in stock and ready to go!

Caterpillar Wheels for a Competitive Price

With so many options and a large inventory at our disposal, at Portland Tractor, we can offer our customers reasonable prices on our replacement Caterpillar wheels. Worried about the quality? Don’t be! Each part accepted into our yard has been inspected by our team of technicians to ensure that our customers are getting a part they can trust. That’s because we stand behind the quality of our parts and components, including heavy equipment wheels. Furthermore, after being in the business for over forty-five years, we understand what our customers want! We can help you find the perfect replacement for your Caterpillar wheels.

Interested in viewing our inventory? All you need to do is search our online catalogue for a full description of the condition of the heavy equipment wheel. Are you looking for more detailed information? Do you need something very specific to match your application requirements? Please contact us and we would love to help you find the Caterpillar wheels that will be a great fit for your equipment.

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