Caterpillar Axles

Are you in the market for a replacement axle for your equipment? At Portland Tractor, we have an extensive inventory of front and rear Caterpillar axles. All you need to do is search our online catalogue or contact us and we’ll help you find the replacement axle for your heavy machinery. From new surplus CAT axles to used, we offer a full selection of options for our customers to choose from.


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Choose Quality for Your Replacement CAT Axles

When it comes to operating performance, axles are pretty important! So, when it is time for an axle replacement for your wheel loader, backhoe or haul truck, you want to make sure you are getting something that’s going to meet your expectations. 

At Portland Tractor, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality CAT axles. In fact, we stand behind the quality of all of our parts and attachments! Each Caterpillar axle that comes into our yard is inspected-from the axle shaft and spindle to the housing and trunnion. This way, when it comes time for you to find your axle replacement, we’ve already done most of the work for you! All you need to do is search our online catalogue to find the correct Caterpillar axle for your equipment type. 

Each online listing comes with a detailed description of the axle that includes the quantity in stock, the condition of the CAT axle, as well as photos of the actual part. Don’t see any photos for the listing you are looking at? Contact us and we’ll email you images of the part. 

Not interested in searching online? That’s not a problem! Contact us at +1 866-784-7278 to speak to one of our experienced team members. We’ll help match you up with the Caterpillar axle that will fit your equipment type and application.  

Caterpillar Axles in Stock and Ready to be Shipped!

With over 100,000+ different parts in stock, we know we can help you find the Caterpillar axle for your equipment. With a large supply of in-stock replacement CAT axles, we can get parts shipped out to you quickly. This avoids any unnecessarily long delays before you’re equipment back up and running again!

Interested in learning more about our rebuild and inspection process? Or maybe you’re ready to request a quote for your next Caterpillar axle? Please contact us today!

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