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Are you looking for parts for your mining truck? At Portland Tractor, we have an extensive inventory of haul truck parts in varying equipment models. Just search our online catalogue or speak to a parts representative at +1 866-784-7278 and we can match you up with the perfect part for your operation. 

Need it shipped fast? Not a problem! With the size of our inventory, we can have that part shipped to you in no time. Contact us today to find all the haul truck parts you need to get your operation back up and running. 

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Quality Mining Truck Parts

When your haul truck is down, it’s time to hustle to try and find high-quality replacement parts that aren’t going to break the bank. That’s why Portland Tractor offers a wide selection of mining truck parts in varying conditions - from rebuilt to high quality used to OEM surplus, we have them all. With our large selection, you can choose the parts that are going to work best for your haul truck and your budget.

Concerned about the quality? You shouldn’t be! We are dedicated to providing our customers with mining truck parts that are going to stand the test of time. For this reason, we make sure that every part that enters our yard is inspected to the highest standards. You don’t have to compromise on quality when choosing used or rebuilt parts and components.

Contact us today for finding the right mining truck parts, you’re looking for or search our online catalogue for a complete list of our haul truck parts inventory. Each inventory item will give you a description of the part, models it supports, condition, and more!

Replacement Haul Truck Parts for All Models

Looking for a replacement part for your haul truck that’s difficult to find? At Portland Tractor, we have an extensive collection of haul truck parts for many different models of mining trucks. So, with a yard spanning 10-acres, we can help you find all the mining truck parts you need. From dump bodies, twin rear axles, or front axles, to cabs, engines, hoist cylinders, wheels, and transmissions!

All you need to do is search our online inventory for the haul truck parts you need. Then we’ll help you do the rest! Need them shipped fast? With over 100,000+ parts in our inventory, we can ship parts to you directly. Reach out to us today at +1 866-784-7278 for a quote or for some help finding your replacement mining truck parts.

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