Behind the Scenes of Hoffman Family Gold®: Portland Tractor’s Role Revealed

In the world of mining, every piece of equipment plays a critical role in the quest for gold. Here at Portland Tractor, we understand the challenging terrain and conditions that face machinery in this application. The passion and commitment for supporting our customer’s needs, recently led us to a collaboration with the Hoffmans, stars of Discovery Channel’s “Hoffman Family Gold”.

Image credits: © 2023 Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

The Hoffmans have become synonymous with gold mining on television. Their journey began in the Klondike, where they embarked on a mission to strike it rich; and over the years, their adventures have taken them to various locations, including the Yukon, Colorado, and now Alaska.

In “Hold My Gear,” Season 2, Episode 7, the Hoffmans faced a significant dilemma when their mining operation came to a grinding halt due to a broken transmission. Without a functioning transmission, they could not move the massive amounts of dirt and rock necessary to extract gold from the ground. Time was of the essence, and they needed a solution quick to keep their operation afloat. In a twist of fate, the Hoffmans reached out to us at Portland Tractor, to help them with the task of finding a new transmission on a time crunch. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we sprang into action, determined to assist the Hoffmans in their time of need!

Our team of experts embarked on a mission to source the transmission required for the Hoffman Family’s Holy Roller. Drawing on our extensive network of suppliers and contacts in the industry, we left no stone unturned to find the right part. It was a race against time, as the Hoffman Family’s mining operation hung in the balance.

The PTI team was able to source the perfect transmission, and get it delivered just in time; allowing the Hoffman Family to get their mining operation back on track. With the machinery in operation, The Hoffmans’ were able to push through for the best weigh in of the season!

So don’t miss out! Tune in to “Hoffman Family Gold” on Discovery Channel and watch us in action as we help the Hoffmans chase their dreams of striking it rich! We are thrilled to be part of their journey and to continue supporting their needs in the seasons to come.

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