Currently Dismantling


We are in the process of dismantling these machines. The parts may not be in our inventory yet, so please call us if you are looking for parts or attachments from any of these models.

235C Excavator: S/N:3WG250

966F II Wheel Loader: S/N:1SL1590

972G II Wheel Loader: S/N:AXC0310


D6TXL Crawler Dozer: S/N:GMK01110

950H Wheel Loader: S/N:K5K1780

977L Track Loader: S/N: 11K8940

824B Wheel Dozer: S/N: 36H1470

980C Wheel Loader: S/N:63x2060

980F Wheel Loader: S/N:8CJ850

980G II Wheel Loader: S/N: AWH2170

938F Wheel Loader: S/N: 1KM740

IT62G Integrated Toolcarrier:  S/N: 6PS400

966E Wheel Loader: S/N: 35S3990

769D Quarry Truck: S/N: 5TR700

D9N Crawler Dozer: S/N : 1JD3800

D9H Crawler Dozer: S/N: 90V9610

426C Backhoe Loader: S/N: 1MR290

973C Track Loader: S/N:3RZ600

930G Wheel Loader: S/N:TWR1390

826C Landfill Compactor: S/N:87X1290

950H Wheel Loader: S/N:K5K2850

836 Landfill Compactor: S/N:7FR450

730 Articulated Truck: S/N:AGF690

D6N XL Crawler Dozer: S/N:AKM01470

D6N XL Crawler Dozer: S/N:AKM01520

312E L Excavator: S/N:MJD350

D6N Crawler Dozer: S/N:AKM2450

730 Articulated Truck: S/N:AGF1170

966K Wheel Loader: S/N:TFS00230

980C Wheel Loader: S/N:63X4650

D9R Crawler Dozer: S/N:ABK800

D9R Crawler Dozer: S/N:7TL750

988F II Wheel Loader: S/N:2ZR01150

815B Compactor: S/N:17Z1190

988B wheel Loader: S/N:50W4030

950B Wheel loader: S/N:22Z1560

330C FM Excavator: S/N: B1K01020

992G Wheel Loader: S/N: ADZ00180

D6N LGP Dozer: S/N: DJY

D6M LGP Dozer: S/N: 4JN

349EL Excavator: S/N: KCN210 Series


336E Excavator: S/N: FJH680 Series


966F Wheel Loader: S/N: 1SL2390 Series


966C Wheel Loader: S/N: 76J9990 Series


914G Wheel Loader: S/N: 9WM430 Series


928G Wheel Loader: S/N: DJD1830 Series


CB 224B Compactor: S/N: 6LF590 Series

CB 224B Compactor

D3C Crawler: S/N: 8PK490 Series


D6R LGP Crawler: S/N: 4TR670 Series


2007 D7R II LGP Crawler: S/N: ABJ1520 Series

D7R LGP Crawler for dismantle

CS-433C Compactor: S/N: 3TM95 Series

966C Wheel Loader: S/N: 76J8340 Series


2012 740B Articulated Truck: S/N: T4R10430 Series - 3100 hrs

130G Motor Grader: S/N: 7GB1940 Series


11-0480_thumb-2 11-0480_thumb-3 11-0480_thumb-4 11-0480_thumb-5

730 Articulated Truck: S/N: AGF1000 Series

D8R Crawler Dozer: S/N: 7XM1420 Series

2011 D6T XW Crawler Dozer: S/N: RCW00220 Series

D5M XL Crawler Dozer: S/N: 7LR320 Series

613C Scraper: S/N: 92X1940 Series

773B Rock Truck: S/N: 63W75130 Series


613B Elevating Scraper: S/N: 72M4810 Series

613B Elevating Scraper

385B LME Excavator S/N: RCD240 Series

385B Excavator 2 385B Excavator 3 385B Excavator 4 385B Excavator 5 385B Excavator 6

312 Excavator : S/N: 7DK6410 Series

312 Excavator

312 Excavator photo 2 312 Excavator photo 3 312 Excavator photo 4 312 Excavator photo 5

972K Wheel Loader: S/N: Z4W260 Series

972H Wheel Loader

972H photo 2 972H Photo 3 972H Photo 4 972H Photo 5 972H Photo 6 972H Photo 7

365BL Excavator: S/N: 9TZ450 Series

365BL Excavator for dismantling

345B Excavator: S/N: 4SS860 Series

365BL Excavator for dismantling

D6H LGP Crawler: S/N: 8YC460 Series

D6H LGP Crawler for dismantling

385B Excavator: S/N: ANS260 Series

385B Excavator for dismanting

980F II: S/N: 4RN630 Series

980F II for dismantling

D11R photo 2 D11R Photo 3 D11R Photo 4 D11R Photo 5 D11R Photo 6

769C Truck: S/N: 01X5170 Series

980F II for dismantling

769C Truck: S/N: 01X6100 Series

980F II for dismantling

D11R Crawler: S/N: 9TR380 Series (With latest updated track frames and single shank ripper)

325B for dismantling

D11R photo 2 D11R Photo 3 D11R Photo 4 D11R Photo 5 D11R Photo 6 D11R Photo 7

325BL Excavator: S/N: 2JR2730 Series

325B for dismantling

973 Track Loader: S/N: 66G610 Series

973 Track Loader

973 Track Loader Photo 2 973 Track Loader Photo 3 973 Track Loader Photo 4 973 Track Loader Photo 5 973 Track Loader Photo 6 973 Track Loader Photo 7

315C Excavator: S/N: CJC2110 Series

315C Excavator Photo 2 315C Excavator Photo 3 315C Excavator Photo 4 315C Excavator Photo 5 315C Excavator Photo 6 315C Excavator Photo 7 315C Excavator Photo 8 315C Excavator Tag

980G Wheel Loader: S/N: 2KR2430

980G Wheel Loader

330L Excavator: S/N: 5YM1160 Series

330L Excavator

345BL Excavator: S/N: 4SS01620 Series

345BL Excavator

330L Excavator: S/N: 5YM00620 Series

330L Excavator

966F Wheel Loader: S/N: 8BG700 Series

966F Wheel Loader

966F Wheel Loader Photo 2 966F Wheel Loader Photo 3 966F Wheel Loader Photo 4 966F Wheel Loader Photo 5 966F Wheel Loader Photo 6 966F Wheel Loader Photo 7 966F Wheel Loader Photo 8 966F Tag

980B Wheel Loader: S/N: 89P6110 Series

980B Wheel Loader

980B Wheel Loader Photo 2 980B Wheel Loader Photo 3 980B Wheel Loader Photo 5 980B Wheel Loader Photo 6 980B Wheel Loader Photo 7 980B Wheel Loader Photo 8 980B Wheel Loader Photo 9 980B Wheel Loader Photo 9

623E Scraper: S/N: 6CB620 Series

623E Scraper

623E Motor Scraper Picture 2 623E Motor Scraper Picture 3 623E Motor Scraper Picture 4 623E Motor Scraper Picture 5 623E Motor Scraper Picture 6 623E Motor Scraper Picture 7

623E Scraper: S/N: 6CB680 Series

623E Scraper

623E Scraper Photo 2 623E Scraper Photo 3 623E Scraper Photo 4 623E Scraper Photo 5 623E Scraper Photo 6 623E Scraper Photo 7 623E Scraper Photo 8 623E Scraper Photo 9

966F Wheel Loader: S/N: 3XJ290 Series

966F Wheel Loader

D8K Crawler Dozer: S/N: 77V1960 Series

D8K Dozer Serial Number 77V1957

D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 2 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 3 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 4 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 5

D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 6 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 7 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 8 D8K Dozer 77V1957 Photo 9

345BL Excavator: S/N: 9GS220 Series


345BL Excavator Photo 2 345BL Excavator Photo 3 345BL Excavator Photo 4 345BL Excavator Photo 5

345BL Excavator: S/N: AGS360 Series


345BL Excavator Photo 2 345BL Excavator Photo 3 345BL Excavator Photo 4 345BL Excavator Photo 5

345BL Excavator Photo 6 345BL Excavator Photo 7 345BL Excavator Photo 8

325C Excavator: S/N: BMM920 Series


325CL Excavator 325CL Excavator Photo 3 325CL Excavator Photo 4

621E Water Wagon: S/N: 6AB1310 Series

621E Water Wagon

621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon

621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon 621E Water Wagon

988F Wheel Loader: S/N: 2ZR220 Series

988F Wheel Loader

988F Wheel Loader Pic 1 988F Wheel Loader 988F Wheel Loader 988F Wheel Loader

613B Motor Scraper: S/N: 38W6320 Series

613B Motor Scraper

613B Motor Scraper Picture 1 613B Motor Scraper Photo 2 613B Motor Scraper Photo 3 613B Motor Scraper Photo 4 613B Motor Scraper Photo 5 613B Motor Scraper Photo 6 613B Motor Scraper Photo 7 613B Motor Scraper Photo 8 613B Motor Scraper Photo 9 613B Motor Scraper Engine 613B Motor Scraper Photo 11 613B Motor Scraper Tag

 615C Motor Scraper: S/N: 5TF400 Series

615C Motor Scraper

615C Motor Scraper Picture 1 615C Motor Scraper Photo 2 615C Motor Scraper Photo 3 615C Motor Scraper Photo 4

16G Motor Grader: S/N: 93U720 Series

615C Motor Scraper

16G Motor Grader Photo 1 16G Motor Grader Photo 2

315BL Excavator: S/N: 3AW620 Series

315BL Excavator

315BL Excavator Picture 1 315BL Excavator Picture 2 315BL Excavator Picture 3

928G Wheel Loader: S/N: 6XR1230 Series

928G Wheel Loader

928G Picture 1 928G Picture 2 928G Picture 3 928G Picture 4 D8K Picture 5 928G Picture 6

D8K Crawler Dozer: S/N: 77V850 Series

D8K Crawler

D8K Picture 1 D8K Picture 2 D8K Picture 3 D8K Picture 4 D8K Picture 5 D8K Picture 6

315L Excavator: S/N: 6YM2040 Series

315L Excavator

315 L

D8K Crawler Dozer: S/N: 77V2190 Series

D8K Dozer

D8K thumbnail D8K thumbnail D8K Thumbnail

330BL Excavator: S/N: 6DR2460 Series

330BL Excavator

D6H Dozer: S/N: 8YC450 Series

D6H dozer

973 Track Loader: S/N: 86G940 Series

973 Track Loader

325L Excavator: S/N: 8NK740 Series

325L Excavator

631E Scrapers: S/N: 1AB660 Series and 1AB1010 Series

361E Scrapers

988B Wheel Loader: S/N: 50W5280 Series

988B Wheel Loader